Hello, we are FRESH

FRESH is part of the future

FRESH offers daily fresh fish, which have been ecologically bred in XXL salt water pools in crystal clear waters.

“FRESH fish are pure delight.”

Chef at Restaurant G 27, Zurich

“Within 24 hours fresh king fish arrives at our doorstep. That beats any flown-in goods.”

Giulio Bianchi, Owner G. Bianchi AG

The FRESH Team is highly qualified, motivated, market-oriented, scientifically trained and interdisciplinary.

FRESH relies on transparency and exchange

FRESH sets a new standard for conscious enjoyment of fish. FRESH sea bream, sea bass and king fish are bred in saltwater pools in a resource-saving way. They live in crystal clear water. The water is biologically purified in a closed cycle.  The fish are fed certified organic feed.  Therefore, FRESH fish are guaranteed free of antibiotics and undesired environmental influences. Short transport routes ensure sea fish enjoyment in a unique freshly-caught quality.

FRESH offers freshly-caught fish, which have been ecologically bred in crystal clear waters.

FRESH produces premium sea fish in large saltwater pools without access to the sea in a completely closed water cycle. FRESH uses certified organic, ethoxyquin-free and GMO-free feed with a high content of natural Omega 3. FRESH fish are much more valuable and taste more natural and aromatic than fish predominantly fed with plant-based feed, for example from caged productions in the sea. The meat of our fish is very firm and easy to work with.

FRESH products in detail

Would you like more information about the fish from FRESH ? These can be found in our detailed products sheets:

No antibiotics and free from environmental toxins

Certified organic feed: GMO-free, ethoxyquin-free, from a sustainable source


Because closer is fresher

With guarantee of origin

You know what you’re getting

No flown-in goods

Better for the environment and for your enjoyment.

Crystal clear water

Biologically purified

Fish enjoyment without aftertaste

Bred in crystal-clear, biologically purified water

GMO-free, no environmental toxins, no antibiotics, no growth enhancers

Certified organic, ethoxyquin-free fish food

Short transport routes, no flight miles incurred

Traceability of each individual fish

Careful use of resources and the environment